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“In 2010 Susan Steele began working with families using Dr Frank Belgau’s Learning Breakthrough programme.  Since then she has helped over 600 families unlock their potential using this amazing balance and co-ordination programme and supporting those families for 12 months.

Over the years Susan has streamlined the programme, adapted it to meet specific needs and has had great success, not only  in education, but also in the sports arena.

“Many of the children who have come to me struggled with low concentration or being able to retain their spellings but many also struggled in sport or even just riding their bike.  As their concentration and sensory processing skills improved so did their sporting ability with many winning medals.  Just being able to take part and not feel left out can be enough for some but to score a goal or swim in a straight line works wonders for an individiual’s confidence.”

Learning Breakthrough will remain at the heart of what we do, but as the programme evolves and strengthens and we reach new markets and help more people, we too are evolving.

As part of our evolution, we are very proud of our new brand “Performance Breakthrough.”

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