Happy Friday!

As we enter the new year, we are delighted to reveal our new branding and our new website! Have a look!

This first week of New Year has not just seen us with a new look branding and website but a new face too!  John Steele, Susan’s son has joined Performance Breakthrough as our Breakthrough Coach!

If you have met Susan, or read her story on our website, you will know that the reason she found Learning Breakthrough was to help her sons who were both struggling at school.  The results she witnessed first hand and the relief her family felt as a whole drove her on to bring the programme to the UK, Ireland and beyond.

John began the programme, aged 12 and now aged 24 he has left behind a successful career as a chef as he knows the time is right to make a difference.  John is able to bring to Performance Breakthrough an invaluable insight, because he was that child living with his mind in chaos.  He fully understands what it feels like for a child when they try so hard in class or at homework but quickly realise that the harder they try the worse the chaos in their mind becomes.  He can also share the feeling of relief at being able to unlock his full potential that he always knew was just out of his reach.

Susan recalls, ‘When John was just 15, I vividly remember saying to him, that he was now the son I always wanted him to be.  I had to hold back the tears when he replied that he was now the son he had always wanted to be.’

Welcome to the team John – it’s great to have you with us!

We had a catch up with Jessica’s Mum on Monday and it reminded us of how proud she was the day she had a poem published.  She is our featured story on our website.

From refusing to write to published author in 8 months!
We found Performance Breakthrough just 8 months ago and the difference in my daughter is amazing!  She was diagnosed with ‘visual processing difficulties in relation to autism’ and I spent most of my life looking for a solution, but couldn’t find anything to deal with the root cause, until we found Performance Breakthrough…
…She now gets all her spellings correct and is happy to write, she has even written a poem which was published in a young writers’ anthology!

We had a review meeting with Joseph and his Mum on Tuesday.  Joseph loves dinosaurs.  He drew a picture of a dinosaur for Susan on his first visit 9 month ago.  When he drew Susan and John a new dinosaur yesterday we thought it showed just how much Joseph’s hand-eye co-ordination and dexterity had increased through completing our balance and co-ordination exercises for 15 minutes a day since last April.  We think this is just Roarsome!

If you want to find out any more about Performance Breakthrough and what we do, or, if you would like to book  FREE no obligation evaluation, please get in touch – we can help!

Susan & Team
Performance Breakthrough