Happy Friday

We spent some time this week with one of our important partners, Platform Media. The creative guys there have designed our new brand and developed our new website and we just love the new clean lines of the branding as we move in 2019.  Thanks guys for creating the new look and new website and also for helping us along the with your patience and impromptu training as and when required!

We also heard from an old friend this week – Fiona, whose son Ethan had began to use the programme when he was only 5!  When he first came to us, Ethan initially was using the board for one minute per day and was still seeing results! As Ethan now approaches ‘big’ school and is turning 10 next month, Fiona is approaching the programme again with new eyes and is seeing new skills develop, but we thought we’d share their original journey with you!  It’s one that still brings a tear to Susan’s eye when she reads it!:

Our Autistic Son has been unlocked thanks to Learning Breakthrough.

Thanks to Learning Breakthrough (now Performance Breakthrough) our Autistic son has been able to show emotion in ways we never thought possible.  He expresses love, I am regularly covered in kisses and he tells me every day “mummy – I love you so so much”. We always have a good chat at bedtime and recently when I kissed him and told him I loved him he said “mummy – you made my heart grow”. A rather profound statement for any 5 year old but for a child who barely spoke a year before it felt like nothing short of a miracle.  Read more of Fiona’s story on Our Success page…

We also shared on Facebook this week after we met up with a 13 year old girl using the programme who last September struggled to complete her maths work – she told us this week she is now top of the class!

If you want to find out any more about Performance Breakthrough and what we do, or, if you would like to book  FREE no obligation evaluation, please get in touch – we can help!

Susan & Team
Performance Breakthrough