Happy Friday

Lots happening this week again in Performance Breakthrough – here are just some of the highlights!

Our daughter’s Hockey coach approached us on Monday evening and said; “What have you been feeding her? Whatever it is; keep doing it as it’s working!”

She was already a very good hockey player but since starting the Performance Breakthrough exercises 9 months ago her sporting ability has increased.  She has been selected in the Talent Development Programme and hopes to play for Ulster in the under 15’s. One very proud mum & dad

Our balance and co-ordination exercises can help you ‘up your game’ in sports, just as this Mum describes below:

“I approached Susan last summer for my son (aged 8) and we have been doing the Performance Breakthrough exercises for 6 months now. My son is very talented at sport, has been since a young age, but over the last 3 or 4 months he has gone up a level in his football in terms of his work rate and technical ability – so much so that his coach has made comments that every week he sees a different wee boy where he goes above and beyond what is asked of him and where he is excelling….he loves getting this feedback so is encouraged to continue!” Mum of a future football star!

This week we have also been starting work on building our Youtube channel – subscribe to keep updated with our videos!

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Have a great weekend,

Susan and team!

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