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Practical parenting tips.

Why does your child interrupt when you are speaking?

Does your child have difficulty waiting to speak when you are having a conversation
with a friend or on the phone?

Why can’t my child follow instructions?

Do you find that when you give your child an instruction they ignore you and you have
to end up shouting before they actually do the task?

Practical Parenting: Handwriting

Have you ever wondered why some children just seem to be able to pick up a pencil
and write when others never seem to master the art?

Fussy or plain eaters? Are mealtimes difficult in your home?

Does your child refuse the dinner that you have made for the rest of the family and sit on their seat as if they are on the starting blocks of the 100m sprint…Ready to run as soon as they get the chance?

Does your child find it difficult to read fluently?

Many children, say that when they are reading a comprehension piece, the words jump about on the page. Others say that the words stay still but they have to read them 4 or 5 times before they can understand what they have read

Why does my child get their spellings wrong when writing a sentence when it was correct on the Friday test?

It’s a common problem for many children and adults who visit our clinic that when they were in primary school and learning the spellings for the test on Friday they would spend every night going over and over the words, looking at them, covering them and writing them out.

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