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"Hands down the best complete programme..."

“Hands down the best complete programme designed to address functional, emotional and sensory difficulties in a non-complicated, stress free, practical and fun way”

– Patricia McCarthy | Occupational Therapist

Dr Anish Anish - Paediatric Consultant (Head of ADHD services)

“I am happy to recommend learning breakthrough which is a complete balance and co-ordination exercise programme that encompasses every aspect of a child’s learning and sporting ability. It is also unique in that it offers 12 months of parental advice, support and guidance.

Susan steele has provided the programme for 7 years with over 600 children having made permanent progress in areas such as academic achievement, social awareness, sporting ability, behavioural issues, low concentration, difficulty sleeping and eating and many more symptoms. Many children have been able to cease medication for add and adhd after just 6 months of completing the exercises.

I have followed the progress of this programme for the past 3 years and have heard many parents praise the work that susan and her team do and the progress their children have made on the programme.”

– Dr Anish Anish | Paediatric Consultant (Head of ADHD Services) | Northern trust

"Our son no longer needs medication..."

Learning Breakthrough, based in Newtownabbey, provides a neuro-development programme that helps children and adults with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Disorders reach their full potential in life.

Since forming in 2010, Learning Breakthrough has worked closely with over 200 families in Northern Ireland with positive results, such as Jack’s family in Newtownabbey.

His Mum tells the story: “We always knew there was something different about Jack and as he got older certain traits became more apparent. Inability to concentrate, unable to sit still and feet moving constantly (something we affectionately termed ‘happy feet’) were just a few of the characteristics that Jack displayed. A P2 parent/teacher interview brought to light that his teacher also had concerns in these areas that resulted in Jack having difficulty with his school life and school work. After lots of tears and gratitude for the school’s support, followed a GP referral and an appointment with a Doctor specialising in Spectrum Disorders.

Our wonderful boy was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Despite us being resistant at first Jack was started on the medication Equasym XL twice a day with the intention of helping to correct the chemical imbalance in his brain. Improvements were soon apparent both at home and at school and Jack was a different boy.

He was a lot more settled and able to concentrate in ways he had never done before. However the unpleasant side of the tablets soon raised their ugly head. Disruption to his sleep pattern, his loss of appetite, constant nausea and he looked sickly.

Jack also said he felt different from his school friends as he had to be excused daily from class to take his tablets. Life continued for the next few years but as parents we were hopeful there was something out there that could help make our son’s daily struggle easier.

We were also concerned about the consequences of a teenage son refusing to take his medication!! A chance mention of Jacks ADD to neighbours pointed us in the direction of the Learning Breakthrough Programme. After lots of research we made an appointment for an initial assessment with Susan Steele.

Susan put us right at ease and it was reassuring that someone truly understood what we were going through. We commenced the programme one year ago and we can honestly say it has been the most emotional but wonderful journey we have ventured upon. Within 3 months of completing 15 minute exercises using an adjustable balance board, bean bags and various balls, twice daily we were noticing wonderful changes within Jack. He was calmer, able to concentrate better and able to control himself and his emotions.

School also remarked on the positive progress Jack was making. The improvements in Jack’s home and school life continued at pace and by the sixth month mark of the programme we as parents felt confident enough to take him off his ADD medication completely.

The Learning Breakthrough Programme has totally changed our lives. It is the most wonderful feeling as a parent to wake up each morning and to not have to worry about our son’s future. The future is certainly bright.

One year of completing the programme and Jack’s life has improved remarkably. He is achieving exceptionally well in school and his teachers are very impressed at how focused and well he is working in class. His confidence is growing and he is willing to give the harder work a go, giving him a great sense of satisfaction. He is so proud of himself! He is gaining control of his life and in the words of our 10 year old son “The noise inside my head is no longer there and I feel like a completely new boy.” Our son Jack is the most beautiful boy inside and out that anyone could wish for. He is loveable, caring and funny and we are so proud of the wonderful young boy he has become despite the obstacles and frustrations he has had to face and overcome.

Our family will be forever grateful for the Learning Breakthrough Programme. We have received wonderful support and understanding from Susan. The scheduled reviews and problem solving ideas made the programme that bit easier and she was always on the end of the phone with invaluable advice.

The programme has enriched our lives immensely and has given Jack back control and a new found sense of confidence and self-esteem. We would urge any parent who is going through what we went through to do the programme with their children. It has been truly life changing!

From hating writing to published author in 8 months!

We found Performance Breakthrough just 8 months ago and the difference in my daughter is amazing!  She was diagnosed with ‘visual processing difficulties in relation to autism’ and I spent most of my life looking for a solution, but couldn’t find anything to deal with the root cause, until we found Performance Breakthrough.

We are just delighted with the progress Jessica has made since we began working on the Performance Breakthrough balance and co-ordination programme.  Her eyesight has improve;  She sits down and completes her homework without an argument and finishes it in half the time she used too;  She now gets all her spellings correct and is happy to write, she has even written a poem which was published in a young writers’ anthology!  She never used to want to go out and play, now I can’t keep her in.  Even if we decide at the last minute to take the dog to the park, she’s happy to come along, before we would have needed to plan every outing.  Jessica and her sister Danni had no relationship at all, they constantly fought.  Last night Jessica was painting Danni’s toenails and Danni is always asking Jessica if she’s coming out with her, they just have such a good relationship now;  Jessica is more confident, can speak out in class now, she is working much better and behaving much better.  She can sit with us, watch a film and enjoy it.  She has a sense of humour now and recognises humour in others.  She also has no problem with strangers, it used to be a nightmare when workmen came to the house, or even if we were sitting in the cafe and a new person walked in, she would be nervous and anxious.  This summer her confidence has grown so much that when we were on the plane to Spain, she was happy to go to the cockpit with her sister and meet the pilots – I never thought she’d be able to do anything like that!   I wish we had found Performance Breakthrough and Susan years ago!

Daniel’s reading age jumped up 2 year in just 6 months!

In September 2016 our Son, aged 13, was in year 10 at secondary school.

He was getting angry and frustrated and generally getting into trouble almost every day.  I dreaded the 3.30pm phone call from the school about persistent low-level disruptive behaviour and our son’s over reactions to sanctions.  We knew he was a good kid but he didn’t seem to be able to control his anger and he certainly couldn’t think before reacting.

We were at the end of our tether and went to the GP, yet again, for help with his emotional instability and mental health; we were really worried for his future.

Over the years we have been repeatedly to the GP asking for help with his anger and inability to cope with his emotions.  We have seen CAMHS, private psychologist, councillors and social workers.  We eventually got a diagnosis of Dyslexia, which explains some of our son’s frustrations at school.

Then in November 2016 we found Learning Breakthrough’s website and spoke to Susan Steele.  Having had that initial conversation, we knew we had to try this exercise programme as it didn’t involve drugs and it sounded very promising.

After just 6 weeks Dan noticed a definite difference with his concentration levels at school and said he could stay focused for longer.  Then around 3 months his reading ability increased by 2 years with more fluency and intonation.  Best of all, he started making sense of what he was reading and it no longer sapped his energy levels to do his homework.

We are now at the 6-month stage and we are seeing vast improvements in Dan’s academic ability.

Dan wrote two lists of how he felt before starting the programme and how he feels now,  6 months later:-

Before  (6 months ago)                                                    After (Now)

Felt angry all of the time                                                   Good reading

Badly behaved (school and home)                                  More confident

Falling behind in school                                                     Positive comments from teachers

Unhappy (Home and school)                                            I have a better vocabulary

Hated school and teachers                                                Much better exam results

Bad spelling                                                                          Spelling is easier

Didn’t really know times tables                                        Much calmer (less meltdowns)

Reading was hard                                                               Can concentrate for longer

Couldn’t concentrate in school or at homework

He was top of the class in most subjects and English has gone up by two grades.  He is still working on his school behaviour and gets into trouble with teachers (mostly talking back and reacting to sanctions when he feels he’s being blamed unfairly) but these are much less frequent than before starting the programme.  At home his behaviour is noticeably better and we are getting on a lot better as a family – everyone’s stress levels have reduced and the house is calmer.

Dan also has some OCD tendencies and we are noticing that this programme is helping with these behaviours too.

We are continuing with the exercises every day for 15 minutes and we are very pleased with the progress so far.  Dan has certainly benefited from the exercises and I am really grateful that he is calmer and more confident in his ability to read and do well at school.  We can now see that he has a bright future and has generally got his anger and emotional meltdowns under control.

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